About Me


My name is Daniel Lipscombe, I’m a freelance journalist in the videogame industry. This website is a collection of some of my favourite work as well as small experimental pieces for fun.

You may have seen my work across the internet, at places such as Eurogamer, VG247, Pocket Gamer, Nintendo Insider, The Daily Star, Trusted Reviews, Games Radar, Tech Radar and Kotaku. I’ve been writing about games for around a decade now and recently have found myself as an ‘expert’ on Fortnite; I have a regular column at Kotaku on Fortnite, plus I write guides for Egmont Books in the UK, which are published worldwide.

From the home page, you’ll find random pieces I’ve written between jobs. These are mostly me experimenting with new ideas or styles. If you want to read some of my best work, then head to the Portfolio page, where you’ll find a variety of Reviews, Features and Interviews.

Thanks for stopping by. Kisses x